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Rhema Apostolic International Deliverance Center Rhema Apostolic International Deliverance Center

Endowed Palms of Deborah Endowed Palms of Deborah


Rhema Women’s Ministry


EPOD's Mission Statement: The Endowed Palms of Deborah is dedicated to ministering to the total woman, spiritually and naturally. To mentor and pour into women knowledge and wisdom that will cause them to flourish spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and financially. EPOD will provide guidance through sound biblical practices. To provide opportunity for divine network connections that will promote personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

About EPOD – Endowed Palms of Deborah

Judges 4:5, And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in Mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment. Deborah was a Prophetess and a Judge. She was anointed for purpose and endowed with the ability to counsel God’s people. The scripture says that the children of Israel went up to her to be judged, as she sat under a palm tree between Ramah and Bethel in Mount Ephraim. The word judgment in the verse of Judges 4:5, refers to receiving sound counseling and instruction from the Lord about their livelihood.

At the EPOD meeting we will create an atmosphere whereby you can worship, release memories that bind and press towards a more abundantly life. EPOD will encourage women in their walk with the Lord and provide an opportunity to develop Christian friendships. The EPOD will provide insight in dealing with the realities of life and the awesome influence and power of God in one’s life. Come with the expectation to be refreshed, inspired, rejuvenated and endowed.

Endowed Palms of Deborah (EPOD) meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month.